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Hybr1d Rebrands as ZenAdmin: Here’s What That Means

We are thrilled to announce our rebranding — Hybr1d is now ZenAdmin. After a lot of discussion and thinking, we have come to a new turning point in our brand journey. This transformation marks an exciting milestone in our evolution and reflects our commitment to empowering businesses worldwide with cutting-edge solutions.

What inspired this change?

We started our journey in mid-2021, helping businesses worldwide by equipping their remote talent. Our services included shipping, retrieving and storing laptops in preferred locations for smoother onboarding and offboarding processes for distributed teams. Today, we evolved as a company, empowering businesses to transform their IT function through automation, digitization, and enhanced security. We help SMEs worldwide in automating their IT and workforce operations at a fraction of the cost. As a compound business, we have multiple essential solutions rolled into one comprehensive platform which will be called the ZenAdmin Platform (ZAP). As you transform the world with your products and solutions, we believe that addressing your entire IT journey is vital to support your growth. 

For that reason, our mission is to equip you with technologies that eliminate the administrative hassles of running your business. We believe people should focus on strategic initiatives while software manages the rest. This belief led us to choose a name that aligns with our ambitions – ZenAdmin

What does our new logo mean?

Why the name ZenAdmin, you may ask? We believe that running a business should be a harmonious and stress-free experience. Just as Zen philosophy emphasizes tranquility and simplicity, ZenAdmin aims to make admin work a Zen experience by taking over the routine, manual tasks and giving you back your time.

Our new logo, a thunderstorm, symbolizes rebirth and change. Like a storm that cleanses the air and clears the path for new growth, ZenAdmin aims to replace outdated and sluggish admin processes with efficient automated processes that lead to business success.

How has the product changed?

Good news! All the features and functionalities that our customers know and love are still integral parts of our platform, now with added enhancements and improvements. While our name and branding may have changed, our core values and dedication to excellence remain unchanged. Users can continue to use the same login information and links to access the platform. 

We are incredibly grateful for the trust and support of our customers and partners as we embark on this exciting new chapter as ZenAdmin. 

Get a quick demo here to learn more about our unique services and solutions.

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