7 Ways You Can Keep Your Remote Teams Engaged

It’s been more than two years since the pandemic has completely redefined the way teams communicate and work. As remote work has become the backbone of many organizations around the world, businesses should consider strategies to manage remote workers effectively and keep them engaged.

To be fully engaged at work, your employees should feel like they belong in the company and that what they do makes an impact. Keep reading for some tips and ways to lead and manage your remote employees.

1. Set Clear Rules and Expectations

ways to keep your remote teams engaged

Setting clear expectations is the first thing you need to do if you want to ensure high engagement among your employees who are working from home. One of the reasons why some remote workers may be struggling is that they don’t know what the rules and expectations are. It’s essential to set rules from the start so employees stay motivated and collaborate well with the team.

2. Make Your Employees Feel Welcome

tips to keep your remote teams engaged

If you want your employees to unleash their fullest potential, make sure that they feel like they belong to the team. To make your employees feel welcome, consider a thorough onboarding process that includes welcome emails, a buddy system, a welcome package, and more! This is especially relevant for new hires who are getting to know the team.

3. Appreciate Employee Efforts

how to keep your remote teams

Having an empathetic conversation doesn’t naturally come to everyone, especially when it’s done virtually. One of the best ways to keep your remote team engaged is by having one-on-one meetings with your employees and recognizing their achievements — whether big or small. By showing appreciation for your employee’s hard work and success, they will feel more motivated to do their best at work.

4. Know When to Set Boundaries

Work-life balance is important for employees at all levels. If your employees feel burnt out, you might be draining their productivity and engagement. Keep in mind that a healthy work-life balance is essential to a successful career and a fulfilling personal life. Managers and employees should discuss what they’re comfortable doing and what is expected from them so everyone is on the same page. You can start by discussing if they can work flexible hours or if they are still strict on 9-5. By doing this, you can avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

5. Be Approachable and Available

Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to monitor every single thing your team is doing, but there’s nothing wrong with checking in for a quick catch-up about their tasks and how their day is going. Being available for your remote team is a great way to keep everyone engaged and to make your team feel valued and appreciated. If they have questions or concerns about the tasks they need to complete, it will be easier for them to reach out if you keep your lines open.

6. Provide Feedback

To ensure your employees stay engaged, managers can set one-on-one meetings with their teams. You can also provide feedback by collecting feedback and sentiment. This will encourage employees to stay productive and give them an idea of what they have to work on, how their work is going, and any other feedback initiatives. Giving employees meaningful feedback not just gives them more motivation but also improves their overall morale.

7. Host Regular Team-Building Activities

Another great way to keep your team more connected is through regular team-building activities, preferably with the video on. This way you’ll be able to get some face-to-face interaction with the team! You can try an Airbnb experience, play online games, or even organize one-on-one coffee dates between team members to help them get to know each other even more.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a productive team and engaged employees is not an easy task. When you’re not physically present, it’s easy to forget the importance of thoughtful communication, feedback, culture, and empowerment. Keep in mind that remote working can have benefits for both companies and employees. However, to keep employees engaged, you have to put a little effort on your end. By following the tips above, you are on your way to building a happy and meaningful remote workplace.

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