Here’s the Secret to Seamless IT Management

Information Technology is an essential and crucial part of your business. Whether you work in a start-up or a large enterprise, as long as you have some sort of digital presence online (who doesn’t these days), then there will be some IT management involved.

This can consist of helping out with ticketing or IT support issues, making sure employees get standardized and updated devices, tracking the health and whereabouts of said devices, setting up applications and cloud drives, taking precautionary measures against cyber attacks, and more. (Take a look at the 7 Most Common IT Problems here.)

It’s a lot of work – whether you’re handling it all on your own, have your own IT team, or are outsourcing your IT support from a third party – and because of that, there are bound to be a lot of hiccups and hurdles when it comes to managing your IT infrastructure.

IT Hurdles That Slow Your Team Down

IT hurdles that slow your team down

Here are a few examples of the most common issues that can slow down your IT team:

IT support/ticketing issues: If you’re managing a company with 20 employees or more, your IT team is bound to have their hands full helping your team with all their issues. Things like password resets, lack of access to cloud drives, hardware problems, software and application updates, and more may be tedious and easy-to-solve tasks, but they can be very time-consuming, especially if there is a large volume of tickets to be addressed and resolved.

Manual processes: Has your team recently gone over their processes to see if they are being done in the most optimal way? Sometimes when you’ve been doing the same thing in the same way for so long, you tend to get stuck in the repetitive motions without going back to review whether they can be done in a better, more efficient way. With the technology of today, it’s very easy to find ways to automate, streamline, and simplify your IT processes.

Lack of visibility and de-centralized information: Do you find yourself jumping from tracker to tracker or trying to find a particular spreadsheet for a specific piece of information? You can spend hours of your time scouring your cloud drives for a single document – hours that could have been spent doing more useful work.

Security: With all of your information and data online, security is crucial for your business. Tasks like managing passwords, setting up two-factor authentication for devices, providing or denying access to certain individuals, safeguarding your network, and setting up security policies take up a lot of time. While security should be an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked, it is also something that can be done in a faster and more efficient way.

What the Hurdles Cost

IT costs

Having a lot of IT management hurdles can be costly for your team. Having delays in your processes or in getting issues resolved can cost not just your IT team time, but also the rest of your team. Wasted time can result in less productivity or in a worst-case scenario, no productivity at all.

Let’s say a team member’s laptop crashed. He could have had a sales meeting on that day that would have to have been postponed. Or let’s say another team member was not given access to an important file. This could lead to the team member having to give a delayed response to a customer because they couldn’t get the information faster. While these things may seem small now, they do tend to snowball and become bigger and more costly issues for you, your team, and your company.

Our Secret

Hybr1d all in one IT solution

You might be thinking if only there was a way to jump over all the hurdles without having to stretch my IT team too far. We’re letting you in on a secret: There is! There is one place, one platform that can take care of all of your IT needs. It’s called ZenAdmin.

ZenAdmin is an all-in-one IT solutions company that can take care of all of your IT needs. Whether your team works remotely or not, ZenAdmin can help you with whatever IT issues you have. Here are just a few of ZenAdmin’s IT solutions:

Application & Cloud Management: ZenAdmin can help you install and update apps as well as manage your cloud drives, including giving access to files and other data.

Device & Inventory Management: With ZenAdmin’s online platform, you can centrally manage your device inventory, manage device-wide rollouts, and more.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding: Forget the manual email requests whenever a new hire comes in or a current employee resigns. ZenAdmin allows you to automate the onboarding and offboarding process so you can easily submit requests with just a few clicks.

Network & Server Management: ZenAdmin makes sure your network and servers are secure and that all troubleshooting issues are instantly addressed to ensure your work and team run smoothly. (Coming soon.)

Procurement & Provisioning: Need to equip your team with new or used devices? ZenAdmin will take care of device procurement, supply, delivery, setup, and more.

Real-time IT Support: Whether you’ve got issues with your laptop or monitor or issues with file access or password resets, ZenAdmin’s elite team of IT specialists will respond to your problem in just a few minutes.

Security: Security is key in this technological age. ZenAdmin believes in integrated, unified security across your apps, devices, and networks. They also help you stay compliant with regulatory frameworks too.

Strategic Projects: Need some help with strategic IT-related projects? If you need extra manpower or just need to consult on the matter, ZenAdmin’s team of IT specialists can help.

What Matters To You

how to make IT seamless for your company

When it comes to seamless IT management, it’s all about speed, efficiency, and value for your money. Do you want your team to work on all the ticketing issues and spend hours of their time resolving day-to-day problems? Or would you rather save time and have them work on IT projects that they’re really supposed to be working on?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what matters to you. Your choices and decisions moving forward will affect your team and your company. What do you think?

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