7 Innovative Platforms You Can Use to Accelerate Your Business

Today’s businesses are all about finding the right platforms to help them work faster, smarter, and harder. Why waste time, effort, and resources on integrating systems and training new hires when you can use one or more platforms to get the job done faster? Innovation and efficiency are the names of the game so be sure you’re not being left out! Check out these seven innovative platforms you should consider using to accelerate your business.

1. Deskimo


Deskimo, a member of the most recent Y Combinator batch, seeks to simplify the search for coworking spaces. Deskimo serves customers who typically work from home but occasionally require a nearby location where they can avoid distractions or hold meetings. Instead of charging a monthly or annual fee, Deskimo collaborates with employers and bills them for the time their employees spend in the workspace.

Since many remote employees want to find a location close to their homes, Deskimo hopes to expand in both residential and business zones. Currently, Deskimo has roughly 50 properties in Singapore and 40 in Hong Kong.

On Deskimo, each user receives a monthly budget, and their employers are only charged for the time spent in a co-working space. The Deskimo app creates a QR code that employees scan to enter one of its spaces and check out to track their time spent there. The cost is between $2 to $4 USD per hour, with core business district desks often being more expensive. Each month, clients receive combined invoices, and the revenue is split with the owners of coworking spaces.

2. Multiplier


Multiplier, a top global employment platform, enables companies of all sizes to hire and onboard workers legally in any nation on the planet without having to establish their own firms. Companies concentrate on hiring their people; everything else is handled by the platform. Multiplier has everything you need to make working across borders simple and hassle-free, from onboarding to payroll, legal benefits, and taxes.

Businesses can easily and legally interact with talent thanks to Multiplier. By assuring compliance with regional labor and tax rules, the fully self-serving platform controls employees’ wages, taxes, perks, costs, and everything else related to their employment.

In minutes, global talent may be compliantly onboarded while offering insurance and perks that are locally competitive. Multiplier can create contracts that are locally compliant with local labor and tax laws, and pay employees accurately and timely in more than 120 different currencies.

With Multiplier, you can also add a freelancer to the platform for as little as $40 per month, and give them the ability to quickly raise invoices and costs that can be paid in the currencies of their choice.

3. Sleek

7 Innovative Platforms You Can Use to Accelerate Your Business

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and entrepreneurs frequently struggle to manage numerous compartmentalized tasks, including company secretary, bookkeeping, banking, tax, payroll, employment services, insurance, and more.

Sleek is an all-in-one digital platform for SMEs that enables you to manage your governance, accounting, and tax compliance online and register your business.

On Sleek’s secure site, you can 100% remotely incorporate a business, send requests to your company secretary whenever needed, open a business account, and electronically sign documents using SleekSign. Sleek works with SMEs and startups who want to simplify their ACRA and IRAS compliance and remove the document headache of running a business.

Sleek recently introduced Sleek Business Account, which made it easier for SMEs to open bank accounts. By eliminating the onerous documentation procedures before creating an account, it allows company owners and entrepreneurs to open a deposit account through the Sleek app in just one day and begin conducting transactions. Users can also examine account details and other business indicators on the Sleek dashboard, which simplifies bank reconciliation for accounting and bookkeeping needs.

4. Appboxo

Mini-apps are small, standalone applications that can generate extra money and user engagement within a larger app. By creating their own mini-apps or using the Appboxo Showroom, a marketplace for outside developers, Appboxo enables developers to turn their apps into super apps.

Any app can quickly transform into a super app and begin providing a variety of services using just one Appboxo SDK. Service providers can create embeddable mini-apps and open new partnerships to attract affiliate traffic to their mini-apps.

The company mostly sells two items. First is Miniapp, a SaaS platform that offers SDKs and APIs for developing and releasing mini-apps. Mobile wallets, for instance, can incorporate mini-apps for ordering meals, shopping, or making reservations at restaurants.

The second, Shopboxo, was introduced approximately a year ago and enables companies to quickly create personalized online stores for mobile devices.

Mini-apps made with Shopboxo can then be integrated into super apps through Appboxo. Financial super applications want to expand into other industries, and given the current environment, e-commerce seems like the most apparent and straightforward opportunity.

5. Draper Startup House

Draper Startup House is a global syndicate established with the sole objective of assisting business owners in expanding their access to capital across international boundaries.

The community members of Draper Startup House are able to connect to new opportunities, inspire one another to innovate and execute, empower one another, pay it forward, and drive progress with the help of real human connection. The founders of the startups that Draper Startup House targets are inspired to travel, are diverse-minded, and want access to global citizens.

Draper Startup House locations include Austin, Bali, Bangalore, Chiang Mai, Lisbon, Manila, Singapore, Tallinn, Yangon, Da Nang, and Buenos Aires, to name a few. Draper Startup houses are similar to hostels and/or co-working spaces with more than 15 sites throughout the world specifically catering to traveling startup founders, digital nomads, and other remote employees. 

6. TripleA

By facilitating crypto payments and payouts, TripleA assists businesses in increasing their revenue by capitalizing on the rapidly expanding 300 million+ cryptocurrency users.

TripleA satisfies the needs of e-commerce merchants, retailers, gaming providers, PSPs, fintech, and marketplaces with its white-label, simple setup, instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rate, real-time fiat conversion, and no chargeback crypto payment solution.

Their products work with all wallets, are simple to integrate, and provide chargeback protection, locked-in exchange rates, and rapid confirmation.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) granted the Digital Payment Token license to TripleA, the first cryptocurrency payments company, enabling it to offer end-to-end cryptocurrency payment services for businesses in complete conformity with international regulatory requirements. TripleA, which is trusted by more than 15,000 companies, makes it simple for companies all around the world to accept cryptocurrency payments.

7. ZenAdmin

Hybr1d all in one IT solution

ZenAdmin is a platform that integrates HR (employee data management) and IT (device and inventory management) in one place. It is an all-in-one platform that enables you to automate your workflows, onboard and offboard your employees, track leaves, get notified for work anniversaries, calculate payroll, procure devices, update apps, and much more – 100% remotely!

You can now manage your employees in one place without having to waste time, effort, and extra cost on additional tasks for your HR and IT departments. See what ZenAdmin can do for you and your team and schedule a demo today!

Looking for more ways you can accelerate your business and manage your remote/hybrid teams? Check these out!

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