Poor Employee Data Management is the Reason for All of Your Administrative Woes

How many systems does your company have to collect employee data? The HR department most certainly has multiple systems, not including other departments that probably also ask you to input your data in spreadsheets, forms, or other online platforms. Some systems just ask for a name and email address. Others may be more comprehensive and ask for other details such as addresses, mobile numbers, bank information, and birthdays.

Having multiple systems and platforms just for the same thing can be confusing and time-consuming. Employees can waste minutes or even hours inputting the same information in different places. Also, consider what happens when data needs to be updated. Which system is updated? How about the other systems that the employee filled in? Do they get updated as well?

HR Systems are Overloaded

poor employee data management causes admin woes

According to Data Management, the average number of HR systems in use within an organization is 16. That’s a lot of systems. The same survey also found that 43% of data managers said the amount of resources spent on ongoing database management severely limits their competitiveness—an increase of 65% over a previous survey in 2020. It is notable as well that a total of 86% agreed that, to some degree, their administrative tasks are inhibiting corporate growth.

It’s only fair that with so many systems in place, a lot of time will be spent on using those systems, updating them, analyzing them, finding data in them, and so on.  In fact, a 2012 McKinsey report showed that employees spend 1.8 hours per day searching and gathering information. This time translates to 9 hours per week or 450 hours per year. Let’s put that into perspective: For a company that employs 500 employees with an average salary of $75,000, that’s almost $16.9 billion per year lost just on searching and gathering information.

The Solution: A Centralized Data Hub for Employee Information

Companies and businesses should consider using a centralized data hub for employee information to solve the problem of fragmented data across multiple platforms. This not only eliminates multiple platforms and systems, but it also cuts down on the time and manual effort that is used to input and update data across various places.

Enter ZenAdmin, the platform that allows you to run a global workforce – 100% remotely! ZenAdmin’s platform allows you to streamline your organization’s entire people operations by creating a single source of truth for employee data. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, trackers, and forms, because ZenAdmin enables you to automate most of the manual operations associated with employee lifecycle management.

Now you can have a centralized employee data hub that allows you and your team to manage employee onboarding, procure devices, quickly set up workspaces, automate workflows, calculate payroll, track leaves, and efficiently handle employee offboarding.

Learn more about How Long it Takes to Onboard an Employee. You can also check out this Step-by-Step Guide to Onboarding Your Remote Hires.

How ZenAdmin Works

employee data management with hybr1d

Once you’ve decided on a plan that works best for your company, you and your team will be sent welcome emails to join the ZenAdmin workspace. From there, team members will be invited to input their data in easy-to-follow fields. This data will then be saved in a centralized data hub. If there is any missing information, ZenAdmin will automatically send requests to fill in missing information so you don’t need to make the follow-up yourself.

Once the employee data has been completed, you can view all the information via ZenAdmin’s dashboard, including who is working from which location, employee birthdays and work anniversaries, employee start dates, and more. You can also easily make updates to information with just a click of a button. Whether you want to make changes to salary amounts, roles and/or departments, or other personal information, it is easy to update and is instantly reflected on the dashboard.

Besides data, you can also collect and store employee records and documents such as contracts, NDAs, and more. If you don’t have any contracts to use, ZenAdmin also allows you to easily generate contracts with their easy-to-edit templates.

Get Work Done Smarter with ZenAdmin

Hybr1d all in one IT solution

The current fractured system of retrieving and storing employee data is one of the main reasons companies work on numerous administrative tasks. It is also the reason many teams waste time, effort, and resources on working on work instead of real work.

Instead of focusing on the tedious, everyday administrative tasks of finding, reviewing, analyzing, and collecting data, you can focus on real work such as strategy, planning, and more.

ZenAdmin was created with the goal to help businesses work smarter. Let ZenAdmin help you and your team today. Schedule a demo now!

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