7 Tips to Get Your Remote Teams Excited to Work

While the idea of remote work is great – cutting down on commute, saving on office costs, spending more time with kids, etc. – the reality is that there are some aspects to it such as loneliness and demotivation that can affect how your teams work. Instead of waiting for this to happen, take a proactive stance and try implementing these seven tips to get your remote teams excited to work.

1. Have A Stellar Onboarding Process

ways to get your remote teams excited to work

Don’t wait until your employees have been with you for a year, start getting them excited to work for your company from the get-go! Implement a stellar onboarding process to welcome them into the company with a bang. Reaffirm expectations, include a welcome packet, set clear goals, tasks, and deliverables, and ask for feedback. You can check this guide for A Step-By-Step Guide to Onboarding Your Remote Hires.

2. Provide Equipment


What better way to get people excited to work than with new equipment? Companies like ZenAdmin allow you to streamline your onboarding and offboarding process and provide equipment with just a few clicks. Whether you have team members in Kazahkstan, Australia, Moldova, or Hong Kong, you can easily set a budget for the equipment and let your employee choose their favorite brands and accessories. ZenAdmin will take care of the shipping and delivery so you and your team don’t have to sweat over the logistics.

3. Offer Workspaces As An Option


While other people can work from home without a problem, there are others that crave a change of scenery. Offer your team to work in workspaces if they choose. With Deskimo you can easily find a workspace wherever you’re based without needing to reserve ahead of time. Another huge benefit of Deskimo is that you’ll only need to pay for the time you spend in your chosen workspace – no subscriptions and no commitments necessary!

4. Set Challenges

how to get remote teams excited to work

A little competition never hurt anyone! Actually, there are numerous studies that show that a little bit of healthy competition can actually increase productivity and results. Set team challenges such as collective goals to reach or even non-work-related fitness challenges. These will hopefully bring your team closer together and get them more excited to get things done.

5. Assign A Mentor

tips to get remote teams excited to work

Personal and professional growth is important for every employee. Having someone they can talk to regarding their professional growth, goals, and problems would be great for their mental health. This is especially ideal for implementing during the first few months as having guidance while newly hired will go a long way in making new employees feel integrated and supported in a new environment.

6. Show Some Love

Recognizing achievements and employee wins can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Besides cheering them on, you can also go beyond company-related celebrations and consider sending personalized birthday messages, care packages when they call in sick, and regular check-ins to see how the team is doing.

7. Encourage Work-Life Balance

work life balance

One of the dangers of remote work is that many employees feel the need to overcompensate for their lack of physical presence. This usually results in spending long hours at work and needing to always be in work mode. This unhealthy imbalance can lead to demotivation and burnout. To counter this, encourage work-life balance by setting work hours and giving explicit instructions that team members are not obligated to reply ASAP. Encourage them to take days off, enjoy public holidays, and not worry about work when they’re off.

You may be thinking, ‘That’s a lot of work to get my team excited to work. Maybe I should just let them find their own motivation to work.’ In the long run, the question you have to answer is this: How much is your team worth to you? At the end of the day, excited, happy, and well-supported employees will produce better results and will stay longer in your company. These tips may be a lot, but by putting in the effort, you’ll be rewarded for it in the end.

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