7 Essential Work Equipment to Get For Your Remote Teams

More and more businesses are adapting to remote and hybrid work. While there are benefits to working from home, one downside is the lack of equipment and office space for remote workers. Simply using whatever surface available and plugging in a laptop won’t cut it.

If you want your team to be more productive and get the best work out of them, investing in some good work equipment for an office workstation is ideal. A workspace at home doesn’t have to be a replica of the one at the office, but your employees need to have the right equipment to ensure they get work done. 

1. Laptop/Computer

work equipment for remote teams

Can people function even these days without a laptop or computer? It goes without saying that this device is an absolute must! It’s choosing the brand, specs, and type of laptop or computer that matters. Look at the job description of your team member. A graphic designer or video editor will have different laptop or computer needs from a content writer or marketing manager. Also think about whether this member will be mobile (i.e. going to business meetings, trips, events, conferences, etc.). Consider what a team member will be doing, the software they will be using, and your budget before purchasing these gadgets.

2. Ergonomic Chair

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The last thing you want is your employees experiencing body aches and pains because of their workstations. You want them to be healthy and eager to work. One of the essentials when it comes to a home-based workstation is an ergonomic chair. A dining chair or barstool simply won’t do. The benefits of a high-quality ergonomic chair should not be underestimated. It can save your team from back pains, posture problems, joint and muscle stiffness, and more.

3. Good Internet

This is a MUST when working from home. Video calls, emails, cloud drives, access to documents and other data, and even messaging are all done digitally and require an online connection. Have your team invest in a high-speed internet provider and see the difference in their output and productivity! Imagine how frustrating it can get if the internet connection is unstable; productivity will suffer because of the time spent waiting for information to upload or download.

4. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Even though you can type information with a laptop’s keyboard and use the trackpad to browse websites, nothing feels better than having a wireless keyboard and mouse — especially if you’re spending long hours at your desktop. A decent wireless keyboard and mouse is a good investment — ensuring your working day takes less of a long-term toll on the hands and joints of your team.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

When you’re working from home, it’s understandable that you will experience distractions. A barking dog, a crying baby, construction happening outside your window, and the sounds of traffic are all examples that can distract someone from their work. Having noise-canceling headphones is especially helpful for employees during meetings and calls as this blocks out any noise, allowing them to focus on what is being said or presented.

6. Table

A work table is an essential furniture piece for any home office setup.  An adjustable table or standing desk allows team members to adjust it to their desired height. (Different people will need different heights to ensure they work in an optimal position.) These types of tables are on the pricier side but are a good way to show your team that you care about their health and wellbeing. Otherwise, you can always opt for a good, solid, and height-friendly table.

7. Notebook and Pen

Even though there are multiple note-taking apps available, nothing beats the feeling of writing something down with a pen and paper. You can send personalized notebooks and pens to your team with your company logo to get them excited to work while keeping organized!

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