Here’s How You Can Have an IT Department Without Hiring a Single IT Person

COVID-19 brought about a change in how we work. People have had to take their work home, which means using either company-owned equipment or their own devices. This in turn has created a shift in how IT departments work.

Previously, offices had an IT department that was in charge of all tech issues. If there was a problem with the internet connection, the device you were using, or an app or software installation hiccup, you would simply ring someone from IT to help resolve the issue. Now that work has shifted to hybrid or remote work, it’s not as simple as calling an IT employee and having them come over to fix the problem.

Why We Need IT Support

The reason we need IT support

IT support is integral to any and all companies. As long as you’re working with some sort of technology or digital platform, you will probably need IT support. In offices, IT departments or IT support typically help with the following:

Device set up: IT departments are usually in charge of assigning new devices (i.e. laptop, mouse, headset, keyboard, etc.) to new employees and making sure all the necessary software and apps are already pre-installed on the device. This ensures consistent standards for all employees as well as following standard operating procedures with the necessary apps and software.

Hardware/software support: Another thing IT departments are responsible for is fixing hardware and software issues. Let’s say your laptop overheats or your files aren’t opening because of malfunctioning software. The IT support team is on call to help you solve these issues and offer replacement equipment if the solution will take a while. This helps ensure smooth workflows to help the rest of the team be more productive.

Cyber security: Besides set up and support, IT departments are also on top of your online security. Passwords, whitelists, and even anti-virus installations are all within their realm of expertise. They are also integral in combating cyberattacks and other malware.

How Much Does This All Cost?

How much does IT support typically cost?

First, let’s take a look at the numbers. According to, this is the average yearly salary for an IT Support employee in the following cities:

  • Singapore: $89,280/year (SGD)
  • New York: $67,160/year (USD)
  • London: £40,000/year (GBP)
  • Sydney: $94,690/year (AUD)

While the figures above are relevant as of the time of writing (June 2022), this has yet to include other government mandates such as health insurance, pension, etc. Other than salary and benefits, there are also costs when it comes to equipping your IT department. Their own equipment will include desktops, keyboards, etc. which will cost a minimum of $1,000 (USD).

Besides the monetary costs, you will also spend time and effort finding, hiring, training, and onboarding your IT support employee. Depending on your location and the availability of talent within the area, this could take anywhere from one month to six months, or even longer.

And all this is just for one employee. If you’re planning on having more than one employee within your IT department, you’ll have to multiply the costs, time, and effort by the number of employees you need to help your company.

The Solution: A One-Stop Shop for All Your IT Needs

Hybr1d is an all-in-one platform that can help you with your IT needs

If you’re short on an IT budget or want to streamline your IT processes, then there is an easier way. ZenAdmin is an online platform that takes care of setup, onboarding, security, repairs, updates, and more.

Procurement of equipment: Using ZenAdmin’s online platform, you can easily equip your employees with the latest devices, ranging from laptops, monitors, keyboards, headsets, tablets, smartphones, and more. (This is especially useful if you’re looking to equip team members in countries where you don’t have a presence.) You can choose any device from their online catalog, and choose whether you want to purchase or lease the equipment.

Tracking and delivery: Once you’ve chosen your product, plan, and settled payment, ZenAdmin will take care of installing the necessary hardware and software before having it shipped out to your employees’ addresses. ZenAdmin covers most countries around the world, which makes it easy to employ any talent from across the globe.

Inventory management: Keeping stock of all your assets to know which employee is using what device and whether or not they need to be updated becomes a smooth and easy process with ZenAdmin’s online platform. The inventory management tool is FREE for anyone to use and keep track of all your company-owned devices.

Repair and maintenance: If you have an issue with your devices, you can easily contact ZenAdmin’s 24/7 IT support, and they will respond within 24 hours with instructions on how to fix the issue. If the issue requires the device to be returned to the manufacturer, ZenAdmin will send out a replacement device to ensure you don’t waste time waiting for the issue to be solved.

Mobile device management: Security is key when working in a remote or hybrid team. ZenAdmins MDM service allows you to create work profiles on your team’s devices. You can also choose to install an auto-wipe protocol to be used in case devices are stolen or the employment contract has been compromised. (You can learn more about MDMs here.)

Overall, ZenAdmin covers all the bases that an IT department does. But instead of hiring a team, you simply log in to a platform. With ZenAdmin, there is now ONE place to manage your work operating systems. This streamlined process will enable you to save time, money, and effort so that you can focus on what is really important – your business!

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