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Streamline Your SaaS Management with ZenAdmin

A company wastes more than $135,000 on unused, underused, or duplicate SaaS subscriptions annually, according to Vendr’s 2023 report. The number of SaaS applications will only increase as an organisation scales, and you need a scalable solution for effective SaaS management.

What is SaaS Management?

SaaS Management encompasses the centralised control, optimisation, and governance of various SaaS applications used within an organisation. It’s about closely monitoring subscriptions, ensuring compliance, enhancing security, and slashing unnecessary IT costs.

What is a SaaS Management Platform (SMP)?

A SaaS Management Platform (SMP) is a tool or software solution designed to help organisations effectively oversee, optimise, and govern their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. SaaS Management Platforms act as a centralised hub, providing visibility, control, and automation to ensure the utilisation of SaaS applications within an organisation.

Goals of SaaS Management

1. Cost Optimisation

Unused licenses, redundant applications, and shadow IT create cost leakage. The primary goal of SaaS Management is to plug these leaks and optimise costs.

Effective monitoring and management of SaaS costs includes identifying redundancies and renegotiating contracts to align with actual usage, ensuring that every dollar spent on SaaS directly contributes to organisational objectives.

By providing insights into application usage and license utilisation, a robust SaaS Management Platform (SMP) becomes the financial guardian of your organisation. It identifies underutilised subscriptions, allowing you to right-size your software portfolio and allocate resources efficiently.

2. Security and Compliance

A data breach causes severe financial and reputational damage, and no companies can afford to have one. Effective SaaS Management takes proactive measures like robust access controls, encryption measures, and adherence to data protection regulations to secure the organisation’s digital landscape.

Organisations can safeguard their data by implementing security best practices and ensuring compliance with industry standards. This process protects the organisation from legal repercussions and fosters a culture of trust among stakeholders.

SMPs help prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data by offering visibility into user access and permissions. They also aid in compliance with data protection regulations, a critical aspect considering the increasing scrutiny on data privacy worldwide.

3. User Productivity

An effective SMP simplifies user access, streamlines onboarding processes, and ensures that your team spends less time grappling with technology and more time driving results. With a user-friendly interface and automation, SMPs empower employees to be more productive. Maximising user productivity is a strategic advantage where agility is the key to success.

Features of an Effective SaaS Management Solution

1. Application Visibility

For effective SaaS management, visibility is essential. An SMP offers a panoramic view of your organisation’s software ecosystem. It provides real-time insights into application usage, adoption rates, SaaS costs, licence status, and performance metrics. This visibility empowers IT managers and business owners to make informed decisions about which applications are essential, which need upgrades, and which can be retired.

2. License Management

A top-tier SMP tracks license usage to prevent overspending on unused or redundant subscriptions, helping to save money and maintain the right number of licenses to meet operational needs.

According to a 2023 report by Productiv, 53% of SaaS licenses go unused when companies use over 300 SaaS apps on average. An SMP resolves this challenge by offering a centralised hub for tracking licenses, managing renewals, and optimising costs.

3. Security Controls

A dependable SMP includes robust security controls to manage user access, enforce authentication protocols, and monitor unusual activities.

As per a 2022 report by the World Economic Forum, 95% of cybersecurity threats are due to human error. By implementing role-based access controls, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring, SMPs fortify the digital walls, protecting sensitive data from unauthorised access.

4. Automation and Integration

An effective SMP automates repetitive IT admin tasks such as user provisioning, de-provisioning, and license renewals. If you are considering adopting an SMP, ensure it has automation features to reduce the burden on your IT or engineering teams.

Seamless integration capabilities are another hallmark of a robust SMP. Integrating with tools like identity management systems and IT service management platforms, an SMP creates a cohesive tech ecosystem. You can benefit from a centralised SaaS management experience and a single source of truth for everything SaaS.

How to Streamline SaaS Management with ZenAdmin

Hybr1d's blog about SaaS Management

ZenAdmin helps you effectively manage your SaaS stack, optimise spend, get app usage insights, and monitor licences & contracts on a comprehensive platform you can trust. Here are some ways you will benefit from our SaaS management module. 

Manage all your apps in one place: On ZenAdmin, you can get a centralised view of all the SaaS applications used within your organisation. With complete control and visibility over your entire SaaS estate, you will be on top of your SaaS optimisation game. 

Cut down SaaS spend significantly: ZenAdmin helps you optimise software subscriptions to prevent overpayment and save on your IT budget. 

Optimise SaaS licences & subscriptions: You can automatically identify the underutilised SaaS licenses and subscriptions on ZenAdmin’s dashboard. You can downgrade or remove them after the evaluation and save costs on redundant tech. 

Make data-driven decisions with SaaS insights: ZenAdmin empowers you with a meticulous dashboard with visualised data and insights about user activity across your SaaS stack. You can centrally manage users, track their usage patterns, and make data-driven decisions to maximise the value of your software investments.

Streamline SaaS licence renewals & vendor management: With ZenAdmin, you can keep track of renewal dates and vendor details for building efficient vendor relationships and maintain an optimised IT portfolio. You can avoid disruptions to your operations with regular reminders about SaaS license expiry dates.

All on a trustworthy platform: Your data is secure with ZenAdmin. We have raised the bar with ISO 27001 for information security, ensuring your trust in us is well-placed.

SaaS Management Platforms simplify the intricate task of overseeing, optimising, and securing the digital toolkit. For IT managers and business owners seeking to unlock the full potential of their software investments, adopting an SMP is not just an option – it’s a strategic necessity.

In your journey towards effectively managing your SaaS stack, ZenAdmin can be your trusted technology partner. If you want to learn more about our SaaS management platform, get a free demo here.

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