How to Choose the Right Employee Management Platform

According to a recent report, 88% of organisations state that they have already adopted some kind of workforce management tool and there’s a whopping $466 billion – estimated cost of spending for the purchase of enterprise software (The Business Block). All these numbers highlight the growing significance of employee management tools in today’s world.

As leaders, you might be pretty convinced that a workforce management platform could add a lot of value to your business. However, choosing the right employee management tool that caters to your unique business needs is indeed a challenge. But, does it have to be that hard? No, it doesn’t! 

Let’s walk you through the process of choosing the best workforce management software (that really works for you).

I. Why Do You Need an Employee Management Platform?

Hybr1d employee engagement platform

This is the question you need to ask yourself before embarking on the search for an employee management software! The productivity of your workforce is not just about their skills and experiences, but about the ecosystem you build for them. That’s exactly why you need the perfect tools and technology – to create a productive ecosystem that makes work easier for your employees as well as your support teams. But how do you find the right tools that meet all your needs? 

To make an informed decision, or to win the leadership-in, you need to strategically identify the challenges you face and how a workforce management tool might help you combat them.

Here are some of the common challenges organisations face while managing a remote workforce:

  • Manual, inefficient onboarding & offboarding
  • Unable to track time and attendance
  • Higher TAT for query resolution
  • No visibility into the workforce trends
  • Poorly managed employee data
  • Cyber security risks
  • Compliance issues

Once you are done with your list, you know what exact features your ideal workforce management platform should have. Now it’s time to choose the right solution that ticks all the boxes!

II. What Are the Features You Must Be Looking for?

Needless to say, you need an employee management platform that helps you tackle all those challenges in an effective and data-driven manner. While every organisation’s requirements are different, there are some basic, but essential aspects you should be looking for. We are here to help you with that too!

Hybr1d employee engagement platform

  1. Time and attendance tracking: The tool should allow for easy time and attendance tracking for both remote and in-office employees. This includes features such as a mobile time clock, geofencing, and GPS tracking.
  2. Remote work management: The tool should support effective remote work management, including tools for tracking employee productivity, collaboration tools, and video conferencing.
  3. Self-service portals: Another essential feature is self-service portals for employees to manage their own information, including time-off requests, benefits enrolment, and personal information updates.
  4. Mobile device management: The tool must allow you to manage and secure employee mobile devices with minimal interference.
  5. Device procurement for remote employees: It must also equip you to purchase, set up and deliver devices to employees globally.
  6. Easy integration with other HR systems: You might be using multiple HR systems and your new platform should be able to integrate with these systems such as payroll, benefits administration, and applicant tracking systems to streamline HR processes and reduce manual data entry.
  7. Real-time reporting and analytics: It is a must that the tool of your choice gives you real-time insights into the workforce data such as time and attendance, labour costs, and employee productivity. A tool with this feature will help you make data-driven decisions related to workforce management.
  8. Mobile access: The tool must support multiple-device usability. It should have a mobile app that allows employees to access their HR information and perform HR-related tasks on the go.
  9. Affordable & value for money: While there are numerous options available in the market, you might not want a solution that costs a fortune. It is important to find a tool that’s right within the budget and still has premium features. 
  10. Scalable: As you grow, what if the solution doesn’t cater to your new needs? Look for a scalable tool, considering the future expansion of the workforce or business requirements. 
  11. Customisable: Make sure that the tool you choose allows you to customise the features according to your unique requirements.

Well, that’s a lot of things to look out for! But, we got you covered! Check out how ZenAdmin Employee Management Platform could be the right choice if you need a killer platform for effectively managing your remote workforce. 

III. Here Are Some of the Leading Platforms You Can Choose From


It is a solution that helps organisations manage their HR and payroll operations effectively. It comes with a number of features such as employee information management, performance management, time & attendance tracking, messaging etc. 


Another leading workforce management platform, Rippling enables organisations easily manage their HR, IT, and Finance operations on a single platform. 


ZenAdmin is an end-to-end employee management tool made to help organisations, small or large, manage their global workforce from a single, unified platform. From onboarding to offboarding, ZenAdmin automates and streamlines all the processes concerning HR and IT.


Multiplier helps organisations hire talents internationally and manage the payroll and people operations effortlessly. 


Humaans supports the effective management of the people operations such as onboarding, offboarding, and compensation by turning them into simple workflows.

IV. Why ZenAdmin Could Be the One You Are Looking for

Long story short, the ZenAdmin Workforce Management Platform was created with the objective of delivering the best solution that truly helps organisations manage their global workforce from a unified platform, despite the size or the revenue of the organisations. Not only that our Workforce Management Platform comes with all the above-said features, but also we give our customers the best deal – let us grow together!

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